Friday, June 12, 2015

Sharing The Love

I have always known how blessed I am to have found the family that I placed my birth son with 17 years ago. They are amazingly! I love them to death! We are a family now and forever. A little while ago I had a group of birth moms tell me that I won the adoptive parents jackpot and that I put myself down to make my birth son's mom feel like a mother. I didn't win a jackpot. We were meant to find each other. We have always looked at each other as human beings and treated each other like we want to be treated. I never put myself down. When I decided to place I knew my role as a mom to my birth son was no longer the same. A mom is there for you when you are sick, hurt, to help with homework, cook dinner, read to you, tuck you into bed, etc. That has never been my role. I'm his birth mom! I have a very special role.

I realized very early on that if I went to their house and tried to be something that I'm not that we wouldn't grow as a family. It drives me nuts when my in-laws try to tell me how to raise my son. As a birth mom my role became something truly special. I have been there to celebrate all of his accomplishments, to encourage his dreams, and to love him. I was there for every belt he received in karate. He accomplished his 3rd degree black belt. I have cheered for him in his marching band. I encouraged his love of photography and graphic design. These are all special to me. His mom has blessed me with being a part of their family.

I want to say that I have recently grown close to some very amazing adoptive moms. I think the world of them and hope to someday meet and hug them. They are treating their child's birth parents with love and respect. Open adoption works when there is love and respect from both families. It can't be one sided. I wanted to tell you all just how amazing you are and how honored I am to call you my friends. You are all beautiful and strong women.

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