Friday, June 12, 2015

My Hero

My mom is an amazing woman. She has always been there for me. When I first found out I was pregnant almost 18 years ago I hid it from her. I didn't want to disappoint my mom. I grew up watching my mom work full-time as a nurse. I remember her going back to school for her RN while working full-time and taking care of us kids. My mom has always been one of my heroes. She was a farm girl who always taught us that we could do anything. When I finally told her I was pregnant it was over the phone. Not how I wanted to but no choice due to her work schedule. I remember my mom crying when I told her. I knew I had disappointed her. She told me not to marry the birth father. I told her that wasn't even a thought. About a month later he left and the first person I called was my mom. She told me to come home and we would figure everything out together. The next day I moved back home. My mom and I sat and talked about my options. The choice was mine. I told my mom that I knew I wanted more for my child than I could provide. She mentioned adoption to me. I started to cry and told her that I had to know him. I couldn't wonder every time a boy walked by me. She then told me about open adoption. We researched together and that was the right decision for me. My mom was there every step of the way. She took me to doctor appointments, she found the perfect mom to raise my birth son, she was there for his birth, she went to court with me, and she has been there everyday since. My mom watched me break my heart and she was there to hold me as I cried. I saw the pride in her eyes when I made my adoption plan. The day my birth son was born, my mom called his parents to announce his arrival. She held her grandson and commented on how perfect he was. The day we were released from the hospital, my mom was there with my Great Dane. She watched as I was wheeled out of the hospital with my birth son and his mom next to me. My mom proudly watched me hand my birth son over to his mom while I said here is your new son. She held my hand while I cried the whole way home. The next day she helped me get ready and go to court. She waited with me to go before the judge. She stood behind me as I relinquished my rights. She was in tears but her tears were due to pride and love. I can remember riding the bus to my mom's work after a visit with my birth son and his parents in tears. I would walk into the ER where she worked and she would always come right to me and hug me.  My mom has always been there to listen when I needed to talk about my open adoption. She continues to tell me how proud she is. She brags about my birth son and his family. My mom has love for all birth moms. My mom is my hero! She is amazing! I'm lucky to have her.

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