Friday, June 12, 2015

From Birth Mom To Mom

I placed my birth son 17 years ago and the 8 years ago I had my son. Having my son 9 years after placing was emotional for me. When I first found out that my birth son was a boy I struggled with my decision. I hadn't found his family yet. I always wanted a boy. I promised my mom that I wouldn't get pregnant again till I was married. I kept that promise and a couple weeks after my first anniversary I gave birth to my son. I was thrilled to have a son. He in no way ever replaced my birth son. They are both special to me. My son has helped me heal. I am blessed to watch my birth son and my son have an amazing relationship. I love watching them spend time together. It amazes me how close they are with 9 years of difference in age. My son idolizes his big brother. He loves to tell everyone about him. I know my birth son loves to tell everyone about his half-brother. He had his phone taken away at school for showing off pictures of him at school. They have a special bond. Placing my birth son taught me many things about being a mom. I believe I am a better mom to my son because of my birth son. I am proud to be a birth mom and a mom.

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