Friday, June 12, 2015

Birth Mother's/Mother's Day Weekend

This past weekend was my 17th year celebrating Birth Mother's Day. I'm proud to celebrate the day and to be recognized for my decision to give my birth son an amazing life. On Friday, I hand delivered a bouquet of lilies and roses to my birth son's mom for Mother's Day. His mom is an amazing woman who has raised him to be a wonderful young man. I couldn't be prouder of who he is becoming. On Saturday, I went and spent a few hours talking with his mom while I waited for him to get home from field band practice. My birth son plays percussion in his school field band. He has played at the Orange Bowl, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and will be going to Ireland for the new year. He ran his first half marathon this May. My birth son also achieved his 3rd degree black belt in karate when he was 14 years old. The opportunities that his parents have been able to give him make me so proud. I'm proud to be called Lucas' birth mother. I love that I can be his friend. His family presented me with a Pandora bracelet this weekend with a charm engraved with 'First my mother, Forever my friend'. His parents wished me a Happy Birth Mother's Day just like they have since the very first one six months after I placed.

On Sunday, I ran a 5k for myself for Mother's Day. My husband and son cheered me on. Afterwards I text my birth son and told him how I did and he sent me a message telling me how proud of me he was. His mother then text me to wish me a Happy Mother's Day with all her love. My heart is so happy after this weekend.

I never wanted to be recognized on Mother's Day until my son was born. I am not and never will be Lucas' mother. His mom raised him. I chose her to do what I couldn't do at that time in my life. I have always been comfortable in my role as a birth mom. It is a title I hold very close to my heart. His family means the world to me. They are my extended family. They are amazing. Feeling blessed with love from my amazing extended family.

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